Especially when it comes to booking musicians, wedding planning can be a delightful and creative experience. Unfortunately, the financials only seem to bring frustration. This week, we here at Dream City Music hope to clear up the uncertainty surrounding wedding music pricing. Whether you hire a single musician, a DJ company, or a full band, you will be able to find some advice and estimated figures here to start your budget!


Bands and ensembles can be more expensive, but their impact on the day is incredible.

1. Single Musician Pricing

Pricing for a vocalist, harpist, pianist, or another solo performer is often the most variable in amount for a number of reasons. These single musicians can often be family or friends, so, their service to the wedding is personal as well as professional. It is important to consider their instrument, their preparation time, and their role in the wedding. Are they bringing their own equipment, and is it cumbersome? Did they learn a new song for your event? Are they performing for the ceremony or for cocktail hour? Considering all of these factors, expect to pay approximately $100 to $300 per hour. Travel, food, drink, and tips may add to this pricing as well.

2. DJ Pricing

Truly professional DJs will be much more than college kids with MP3 players, and the pricing will reflect that. They will have high quality equipment including speakers and often lights. Some professional DJ services even provide photo booths and other entertainment for additional fees. Again, be sure to consider instruments, preparation, and role in the wedding. What equipment are they bringing, and what sound implements–like microphones–do you require for your event? Are they using your playlist or taking guest requests? Are they performing for cocktail hour, dinnertime, or the reception? Considering these factors again, expect to pay approximately $100 to $300 per hour. Travel, food, drink, and tips may add to this pricing, too.

3. Band and Ensemble Pricing

Lastly, there are live bands and ensembles. These are often the most expensive in pricing terms, but the experience is unmatched. Wedding music groups may be rock or country bands, or jazz or string ensembles, or something completely unique to your tastes. Like DJs, they often have production equipment like lights, and many wear specific formal dress. Once more, those three main considerations of instruments, preparation, and role are critical. What are they bringing, and what do you require? Are they playing a preexisting set, or did you assemble a playlist? When are they playing during the wedding day? At last, considering these factors, expect to pay $300 to $600 per hour. Travel, food, drink, and tips are still worth consideration when analyzing this pricing, as well.

These pricing figures are only estimates, but hopefully they are helpful in managing the financials of your wedding day. Don’t let the expenses drain the fun from the planning experience. There are wedding music pricing options for every budget.

Dream City Music hopes to work with you soon! As you plan your wedding entertainment, be sure to check out our website where you can find our song list and our musicians. We believe we have the soloist or ensemble just for you! And you can get a quote within minutes! Contact us today!

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